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Superman’s Lois & Lex Come from Beyond the Sea

For Bryan Singers SUPERMAN, Warner Bros. has cast BEYOND THE SEA co-stars Kevin Spacey and Kate Bosworth as villain Lex Luthor and plucky reporter Lois Lane, respectively. Spaceys deal is locked and Bosworth is in negotiations. The summer tentpole with begin filming in Sydney on March 3, 2005. In October, newcomer Brandon Routh was cast to play the Man of Steel.

Singer and writer Michael Dougherty used Spacey as a model for the Luthor character. Singer previously worked with Spacey on THE USUAL SUSPECTS, for which Spacey won his first Oscar. The X-MEN director was able to pursuade Spacey to take the role by offering him a shooting schedule that wouldnt interfere with his commitments as artistic director at the Old Vic Theatre in London.

"The huge attraction for me was the chance to work with Bryan again," Spacey said. "Lex Luthor is a wonderful role."

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