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Superfad Enjoys Mental Overload With New Channel 5 Commercial

Superfad's London office recently produced a new branding project for Channel 5, which unites live action and CG in a playful and cheeky spot that showcases the notion and effect of "indulgent TV."

The script, written and directed by Superfad London EP/CD Georgia Cooke, centers on three Channel Five TV addicts who -- with the launch of the Demand Five download service -- binge all night on their favorite shows and blitz-out in entertainment overload the next day on the boss' dollar. The viewing audience journeys from a shot of the near-unconscious characters to a live action spiraling zoom into their stylized, animated brains, brimming with a personalized selection of over-consumption.

Superfad is home to a diverse group of designers, artists and directors united to produce compelling motion imagery for entertainment, branding and that special something in between.

With the strategic vantage points of Los Angeles, Seattle, New York and London, Superfad's creative reach is both vast and personal, combining the spark of advertising experience with artistic approaches. This energy and vision can be seen in its work for VISA Olympics, PlayStation 3, Pioneer, Target and X Games.


Client: Channel FiveBrand Director Dominic SykesBrand Manager; Russell Hayer

Concept, Live Action and Animation Production: SuperfadWriter and Creative Director: Georgia CookePost producer: Pip MaloneCG Artists: Guillaume Cassuto and Maelys FagetLive Action Director: Georgia CookeDP: George SteeleProducer: Charlotte Woodhead

Music: Theme from THE THOMAS CROWN AFFAIR (WINDMILLS OF MY MIND)Sung by Noel HarrisonLyrics by Marilyn and Alan BergmanComposed by Michel Legrand