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Super WHY! Brings Super Readers Online

PBS KIDS has launched a new website dedicated to its new animated series SUPER WHY! at

The SUPER WHY! online destination contains a wealth of research-based literacy games and activities for preschoolers. The site is designed to captivate children, families and teachers alike, as it takes a page from the TV series' breakthrough interactive approach to reading education and classic fairytales. The newly launched site has already received a prestigious Adobe Site of the Day Award, which recognizes websites for their strong visual designs and superior functionalities.

Among the cool features, young visitors will find full-streaming video of the first episode; interactive character-driven games such as Alpha Pig's Alpha-Bricks (where building keeps the Big Bad Wolf at bay); Princess Presto's Create-Your-Own-Superhero (where a little spelling magic enables kids to personalize their own superheroes); an introduction to all of the fairytale friends, in which kids can help their favorite characters transform into Super Readers; printables; and music videos and clips from the show. The "Super Readers Challenge" invites participants to practice key reading skills and to earn special printable certificates through engaging alphabet, words, spelling and reading challenges. Visitors can even take an online tour of Storybrook Village, home to all of their fairytale friends.

In addition to the wealth of kids' interactive content, the site features a parents and teachers interface where caregivers and educators can find the latest information on the SUPER WHY! television series and website, and access SUPER WHY! activities, events and more. Visitors to the new Super WHY! site also can sign up for quarterly SUPER WHY! Club newsletters and podcast feeds, and parents and teachers will find a collection of reading resources and recommended reading and viewing tips. Special online sections offer activities and lesson plans that extend the adventure and learning from each SUPER WHY! episode into the home and classroom. In addition, fans can visit iTunes to download the first two full episodes.

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