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Super-Fi Knows What A Guy Wants

The program names alone are enough to inspire a bounty of images: MTVs ASS KICKING CHICKS and WHAT A GUY WANTS are two new projects to come from the creative team at digital content studio Super-Fi. Led by creative director Daniel Garcia and executive producer John Yuiska, the projects were fun adventures that afforded the Super-Fi team a great deal of creative freedom. Garcia stated, "Collaborating with MTV was great because they were really excited about our ideas and encouraged us to have funwhich we did." Super-Fi created all of the corresponding program elements including the logo, open, bumpers, lower-thirds and animated number countdowns. Additionally, Super-Fi created show-specific music and sound design, tapping the talents of DJs Dub Gabriel and Chaz Windus. For WHAT A GUY WANTS, a show dedicated to Top 10 Countdowns of things men typically enjoy, the package is rife with cool cars, hot women, painted flames and vintage appeal. ASS KICKING CHICKS, a show where women in atypical or male-dominated careers - such as boxing, animal training and fire-fighting - choose their top video picks, was illustrated with a palette of army and olive greens with pink highlights. Launched in October 2001, digital content studio Super-Fi produces animation and design-based cross-platform content for commercials, broadcast design, music videos, film and branded online entertainment. The project was designed by Justin Harder.