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Super 78 Lives At The Movies With Take 2

Hollywood,California-based production company Super 78 recently completed anextensive graphics and animation package for the pilot ofreality-based show TAKE 2: LIVING THE MOVIES, airing on the USANetwork. The premise of the show is to assemble a cast of ordinarypeople to recreate some of the most life-threatening,adrenaline-pumping and outrageous scenes from well-known movies. Forthis unique program, Super 78 designed and created animation thatillustrates the action for the benefit of the viewing audience.Conceived by Super 78 creative director Brent Young and graphicsproducer Steve Peterson of Brad Kuhlman Productions, the stuntanimation is a multi-layered combination of 2D and 3D elements. Inaddition to giving viewers a 3D view of stunts from such popularfilms as THE FAST AND THE FURIOUS, MEET THE PARENTS and UNDERCOVERBROTHER, the graphics add an interesting visual touch to thevoice-over descriptions of the scenes that will be recreated by theparticipants. "Steve and I wanted to take the wire-frame recreationsof the stunts and enrich them with humor and attitude," explainedBrent Young. "We did this by adding extensive character animationswhich turned out to be very effective in eliciting the response wewere after." All animation was created at Super 78 using AfterEffectsand 3D Studio Max.