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Super 78 Creates Flashy Characters For Cousins

For a new campaign for submarine sandwich company Cousins, agency BVK/McDonald went to Hollywood-based production company Super 78 to create animated characters that could dance around Cousins' submarine sandwiches. "We had seven commercials to produce and, of course, limited resources," explained BVK/McDonald art director Scott Krahn. "Super 78 proposed the idea of using Flash animation for broadcast instead of 3D to stay consistent with the retro feel of the characters and to minimize costs. As a result, we achieved the exact look we wanted and our client is thrilled." Super 78 executive producer Dina Benadon puts it this way. "Okay, I'll say it: Flash is underrated," said Benadon. "It is a great medium for broadcast animation and I'm sure we'll be seeing a lot more of it on TV." In "Celebrate," the spot opens with a lone disco ball and the appearance of Bill and Jim, the animated duo that represents Cousins. A veritable dance party unfolds, with Bill and Jim in an homage to Tony Maneros glory moments in Saturday Night Fever. The voice-over by actor John Ritter explains, "Cousins Subs: Celebrating 30 years of great subs and some not-so-great dancing."