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Supamonks Creates New Animated Spot for EmergenC

Paris based directors Supamonks have designed and animated a new CG animated spot for the US dietary supplement brand EmergenC.

Press Release from Passion Pictures

Paris based directors Supamonks have designed and animated a new CG animated spot for the US dietary supplement brand EmergenC.  EmergenC comes in multiple flavours, and contains 1000 mg of vitamin C as well as B vitamins, anti oxidants and electrolytes.  The campaign was devised by creatives Marjorie Oetting and Jamie Massam from New York based agency Karlen Williams Graybill.  It forms part of a new TV and online campaign in the USA based on the concept of personal testimonials about EmergenC. 

In “Jessica” a typical US family is going on a road trip.  The spot is narrated by the mother Jessica who explains the challenge of keeping up with the children and eating right on the road.  But thanks to EmergenC she is able to get through the trip and even the ketchup fiasco.  “Don’t ask”, she says as we see her three energetic children plus family dog creating havoc in the back of the car with traces of ketchup on the car windows.  Supamonks says, “Our first task was to develop the characters in a style appropriate to the family the agency created in the script.  After that, we were given quite a lot of creative freedom regarding the storytelling and transitions in the film.”  The spot was created using Autodesk Maya.

Supamonks is a CG animation directing collective and also a CG service company based in Paris and employing around 15 people.  They are Florian Landouzy, Julien Bagnol, Zwib Ho, Cedric Ih and Pierre de Cabissole and have trained at French animation school L’Ecole Georges Melies (EESA) and the Sorbonne, and worked in some of the leading Paris animation and post production houses before forming Supamonks in 2007.

The two other films in the campaign were “Kenny” (directed by Bonzom) which was also produced at the Supamonks studio, “Meghann” directed by John Robertson and produced at Passion Pictures in London.


Title:                                                 “Jessica“

Length:                                             1 x 30 secs

Brand:                                               EmergenC

Agency:                                             Karlen Williams Graybill

Creatives:                                          Marjorie Oetting, Jamie Massam

Producer:                                           Annette Suarez

Production Company:                     Passion Pictures/Passion Paris

Producer:                                           Samantha Plaisted

                                                            Claire Potel

                                                            Erika Forzy

Director:                                             Supamonks

Animation:                                         Supamonks

Character Design:                           Thomas “Wougzy” Guitonneau

                                                            Florian Landouzy