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Sundance Channel Redesign Launches Dec. 3

Sundance Channel unveiled a refreshed network look on December 3, to coincide with the launch of its new original series SPECTACLE, ELVIS COSTELLO WITH... The updated look has been designed by Buster and will eventually extend to all graphic design related to the network including its website.

Buster, a division of Los Angeles-based marketing and production agency Stun Creative, is a conceptual design studio that specializes in motion graphics for the advertising and broadcasting industries. The company has developed and produced the entire "look and feel" of all promotional and navigational elements which will appear on-air, and which will also be incorporated across all other media platforms. This includes the creation of promos, IDs, opens, closes, lower thirds, and other graphic elements.

Jonas Morganstein, Buster's Chief Creative Director & Executive Producer, said, "The new design package takes us to the heart of the Sundance Channel brand -- a space that nurtures emerging culture, innovative stories and break-through artists. We dedicated the area between the rectangle and square of the Sundance Channel logo as a destination for innovative content."

Sundance Channel refers to this area as "The Space Between." Barnett noted, "The way we got to this concept was in fact a creative accident. Some of the style frames submitted by Buster started to explore this negative space between the panes of our logo. We then worked with Brand Strategist Linda Ong to develop the idea of 'The Space Between' being a place of emerging culture, the place to find ideas just before they hit the broader pop culture world."

The package explores the characteristics of this "space between" and focuses on the brand's ability to "discover," "provoke," "transform," "enjoy," "mix it up" and "breakthrough." Each of these actions became a different way for animation to engage the Space Between in a surprising way.

Kurt Spenser, Buster Creative Director, added, "Sundance Channel pushed us to explore not only a unique design in that space but also an original voice and attitude for the entire package. The result is an inviting, personal and fun package with a uniquely Sundance subtext."


Sundance Channel:Sarah Barnett, SVP MarketingJC Cancedda, Creative Director, Brand Design & StrategySimone Pillinger, Exec ProducerBeth Stein, Director, Integrated MarketingMark Williams, VP/Creative Director, On-AirLisa Fleming, Producer, Design

Buster Design:Jonas Morganstein, Chief Creative Director & Exec ProducerKurt Spenser, Creative Director & Head of ProductionBrandon Pleus, Line ProducerBarry McWilliams, Art DirectorKiet Thai, Animation Director