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Subway Tunnel Walls Used To Create Animation

A feasibility study is being conducted to evaluate a plan to put strip lights along the walls of the subway tunnels in Shanghai so that still images can be displayed, creating a virtual flipbook effect as the train speeds by, according to CHINA DAILY. Officials say a trial version will be set up along a section of tunnel on the Metro Line 2 by the end of the year.

"We want to design a 'cartoon wall' to create a pleasant mood during the otherwise monotonous journey," said Ying Minghong, chairman of Shanghai Shentong Holdings Co., a top investor in the Shanghai's Metro system.

The trains move at an average speed of 35 kilometers an hour. Thus a 15-second animation would be approximately 360 stills created by 30,000 strip lights.

In addition to entertainment, the system could be used for PSAs or advertising.

Another plan in the works to help passengers pass the time while riding is to provide wireless Internet access in the trains.

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