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STVDIO Media Freeze-frames Slurpee Spot

Hong Kong-based animation studio STVDIO Media has produced an animated spot for Coca-Colas Slurpee "Brainfreeze" product in Singapore and its agency M&C Saatchi. DR. BRAINFREEZE'S LABORATORY features the creator of the ice-cold Slurpee drink, Dr. Brainfreeze, who loves his drink even though he has to go to great lengths to thaw out his head after each sip. He employs various gadgets such as hairdryer and a blowtorch-wielding robot to thaw out. The animators used a DEXTER'S LABORATORY inspired style for the mad doctor. "We needed that highly graphic style but with a full animation feel," said STVDIO Medias Director Larry Feign. The animation was drawn and cleaned up traditionally, then scanned, painted, composited and effects added using Animo and After Effects. The background was sketched in detail, then cleaned up using Flash, according to Feign. With a quick turnaround, Feign said, "There were many late nights and some lost weekends to bring Dr. Brainfreeze to life!" Animation director Florentino Gopez and technical director Frank Ferrao worked with Feign who produced the spot. STVDIO Media is an American-managed animation studio based in Hong Kong, with a staff of animators and artists from around the world. The studio is developing a new series for Walt Disney Television International and short subjects for Cartoon Network Asia. Commercial clients include Coca-Cola, Yahoo! and local companies. For more information, see check out