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Stun, Buster Play Dirty Politics With Humorous Animated Segments

Eleven "Dirty Presidents" animated segments, created by agency Stun Creative and its motion graphics division Buster Design, will air during a special election night marathon of Discovery Channel's DIRTY JOBS with Mike Rowe. The segments will air between 8-11 p.m. ET/PT, including a special 9 p.m. episode in which Rowe pays tribute to our dirtiest of past presidents.

Together with Discovery Channel, Stun Creative and Buster wrote and animated 11 short interstitial pieces that give surprising insight into the actual dirty jobs held by past presidents: James Garfield once worked as a janitor, Ulysses S. Grant as a tannery worker, and Abraham Lincoln as a butcher. Lyndon Johnson helped build some of the nation's highways and Teddy Roosevelt herded cattle.

"When Discovery asked us to help with their 'Dirty Presidents' special, we jumped at the opportunity to show a different side to our country's highest office," said Feldstein. "With past presidents up to their eyeballs in dirt and poop, we're helping to show that politics isn't the only dirty job out there," Stun Creative Co-Presidents Brad Roth said.

Buster's Executive Creative Director Jonas Morganstein added, "The animation team dove into these interstitials with as much zeal and enthusiasm as a young Ulysses S. Grant tenderly rubbing dung and brains into fresh cow hide. These 11 interstitials rank among our most fun-to-make projects. It's not every day that we get to animate Gerald Ford giving Richard Nixon a sweet soapy sponge bath."