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Studio B Brings Lassie Home

Canadian animation house Studio Brecently unveiled a roster of new shows, including plans for anall-new preschool series based on the '50s live-action series LASSIE.Created for LASSIE rights-holder Classic Media and illustrated byRebecca Dart (WHAT ABOUT MIMI?), the new 2D animated series (52 x11-minutes) will maintain the spirit of the original series butfeature everyone's favorite collie in all new adventures as a puppy.Studio B is also lining up some wackier projects including GerryFournier's HEADCASES, about contrary Siamese twins Luke and Larry;and SPOT THE CAT, a Flash animated series following the antics of aconfused cat who thinks he's a dog. SPOT THE CAT is created by StudioB's Billy Zeats and designed by Rod Filbrandt (DRY SHAVE, ED, EDD NEDDY). Studio B is currently in development with England's PeskyEntertainment, Egmont Imagination and broadcaster YTV on CRIMECRACKERS (26 x 22-minutes), which follows the adventures of adetective dog named Chuckles.