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Studio ArtFX Releases Anime How-to Podcast

Studio ArtFX has released ANIME GENESIS: HOW TO TURN YOUR ANIME DREAMS INTO REALITY, a new podcast series that will continue in the Studio ArtFX tradition of showing how it was done. ANIME GENESIS, or ANIGEN for short, can bring users up to date information on the state of independent animation and the tools that continue to allow artists to create studio quality work without millions of dollars or major studio backing. The show can be found on the web at or in the iTunes podcast library where viewers may subscribe to the RSS feed and get regular updates when episodes are released.

Focused on showing users the latest uses of some of the hottest new off-the-shelf tools on market like Vue 5 Infinite, Sketchup Pro 5, modo 202 and LightWave 3D ANIGEN is set to help content creators everywhere maximize their visual art dreams. In addition to 3D how-tos, ANIGEN will also cover the latest tools in the world of digital, paperless 2D animation, like Bauhaus Softwares Mirage Studio Pro, and delve into drawing for manga, doujinshi, visual novels and comics.

Ive always been committed to showing users how to get their visual art projects done, explains Terrence Walker, founder of Studio ArtFX. Since the release of my previous works, the world of digital content creation has changed dramatically. New tools like Vue 5 Infinite or the Mirage Nomad have altered the way I create entirely. This series is going to take users far beyond anything Ive done in the past.

Walker is tackling the worlds of manga, and anime for the quickly growing Internet and mobile content delivery market, following release of his TOKYOPOP published manga, WORLD OF HARTZ, and the DVD, ANIME: CONCEPT TO REALITY.

The ANIGEN podcast series is available entirely free to viewers on the Studio ArtFX website or in the iTunes music library. The series will begin with weekly episode releases with plans to make the jump to biweekly releases by the close of the year.

Studio ArtFX hit the scene at the dawn of the millennium with the original title, UNDERSTANDING CHAOS, by veteran digital artist/animator Walker. Built on the belief that great animation is not the dominion of large studios and large crews alone, Studio ArtFX has continued to innovate and explore new methods of creation, which defy the excepted norm.