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Studio AKA Creates Launch Spot for TSB Bank

BAFTA-winning Studio AKA director Marc Craste completes the first TV commercial for the re-launched TSB bank. 

Last year, TSB launched a two-and-a-half minute film in cinemas and online -- The Story -- which announced the U.K. institution’s return to the High Street and outlined the historic values of TSB's founder Rev. Henry Duncan's drive to enable ordinary working people to overcome poverty.

TSB has now followed this up with “Local Banking for Britain,” a new TV commercial that brings us up to the present day and highlights TSB's commitment to circulating individual investments and funding to benefit the local community.

The spot features a TSB branch at the center of a British community and illustrates the way that individual characters benefit from the bank’s presence & support by enabling funds in the bank to be used to aid each other. Taking us on a seamlessly optimistic journey through the community centered around the bank, the spot is rich in nuanced detail and hand crafts a delightful blend of traditional hand drawn animation within dimensional CG environments.

Once again the result of collaboration between Studio AKA's Marc Craste and Damon Collins at Joint, this latest spot is an evolution in technique from the original historical story film. With the combination of beautifully designed characters from AKA'S Steve Small, and Marc’s deft use of a constantly circling camera within minimal and evolving sets, the film is complimented by an uplifting score, composed by Anne Dudley and subtle sound design from Tom Joyce at Factory.

Showcasing the artistry of the animation and technical talent at Studio AKA, the result is once again an exquisitely crafted piece of work. Thirty and 60-second versions began airing February 10, with the 60-second version of the film screening in U.K. cinemas beginning February 14.

Source: Studio AKA

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