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Stuart Little Goes All CGI for Third Installment

Producers have revealed that STUART LITTLE 3 will be an all-CG direct-to-video feature, reports

"There's a gigantic audience out there for this, but it would not pay to make it a full-out feature," said Douglas Wick, producer of the first two movies and co-writer of STUART LITTLE 2. "We just got the script and we like it, but this time there will be no live characters, it will all be CGI."

"People love Stuart, but it would just be too expensive to try it again for the big screen," said producer Lucy Fisher to "And we do hope to get Michael J. Fox to do the voice again."

The first STUART LITTLE feature grossed $140 million at the box office, but the sequel, which cost $120 million to make, only brought in $65 million.

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