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Story Telling Through Animation Arrives in Book Stores

Charles River Media announces new book, STORY TELLING THROUGH ANIMATION. This book provides an in-depth guide to the process of conceiving, planning and producing an animated or live-action media production. It covers specific information for many forms of visuals, including traditional cel, stop motion, Flash or CG with a focus on the most critical aspect of any production the story.

Using detailed explanations of principles and techniques and a variety of film examples, it guides animators through every step of the production process. It provides systems and checks and balances that can make projects smoother and storytelling better at any level or budget. In addition, it explores all of the concepts and techniques needed for animation, including visual theory, motion, animation techniques and their live-action counterparts, character animation, composition, production, lighting, rendering, editing and compositing. Finally, it helps to create critical and realistic critiquing skills for evaluating and creating emotional connections with the audience. After reading this book, animators will have the knowledge and skills needed to tell their own visual stories. Key features include:* Details story modes, including motivation, conflict, and pacing* Covers story-driven character design, direction, lighting and art direction* Equips animators and filmmakers with the knowledge and techniques to tell a great story visually* Provides interviews with industry professionals who share insights, theories, hard facts and advice* Includes a companion CD-ROM with sample film clips to use, evaluate and study along with the techniques covered in the book, and all the images from the book in full color Author Mike Wellins is an indie filmmaker and commercial director of animation. He was a director at Will Vinton Studios for five years, and also worked with Walt Disney Feature Animation, Hanna Barbera, Nickelodeon and Warner Bros. TV. He has created numerous commercials, episodic television, pilots, shorts and music videos and more than 70 films (long, short, live, animated, and three low-budget features).

The book sells for $49.95.

Charles River Media, Inc. publishes books and software tools for computing professionals. Their titles can be ordered direct, or found through distributors and bookstores worldwide. To see a sample chapter of this book, visit

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