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In the Store this Week: A compilation of John Schnall shorts

This Week's Special Features In AWN's Ever Expanding Store: A compilation of shorts by ASIFA-East '99 award winner John Schnall...

Featured in the Animation World Store this week: A compilation of shorts by ASIFA-East '99 award winner John Schnall.

John Schnall received the Excellence in Animation Award at the ASIFA-EAST Award Ceremony last week for his film "The Great Switcheroo." Get your own compilation of John Schnall's short films with "Death Laughs Among Us." Collected here for the first time are seven of this filmmaker's wildly inventive animated films, all in one neat package. From the blistering showman-from-hell cynicism of "Buy My Film!" to the surrealistic child-rearing techniques of "Frankenstein," see why these films have been favorites among discerning and slightly warped audiences around the world. A 40-minute VHS NTSC tape, available worldwide for $US 20.00 plus s/h.

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A conversation with John Schnall and Steven Dovas will be featured in the May issue of Animation World Magazine. John and Steven will discuss being independent in NYC, and try to come up with a workable definition of "Independent Filmmaker" for the '90s.