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Store Specials: Women Animation Directors

This week, in honor of the WIA Website launch, AWN is proud to highlight the works of various women as animation directors.

- Sally Cruikshank: Cels and videos are available from some of her popular works, such as "Quasi at the Quackadero" and "Face Like a Frog."

- Karen Aqua: The seven films in this collection are "Perpetual Motion," "Kakania," "Yours for the Taking," "Nine Lives," "Vis-a-Vis," "Penetralia" and "Heavenly Bodies."

- Tanya Weinberger: "Six Hilarious Animated Films For Adults Only" includes these hilarious shorts: "4's Company," "Gulliver Comes to Lilliput," "Mr. Muff Takes A Dive," "The Man," "Art Appreciation" and "Kiss Me You Fool."

- Joanna Quinn: Nominated for Best Animated Short Film at the Academy Awards and England's BAFTA Awards, "Famous Fred" is the rollicking, song-filled story of the world's most celebrated feline rock star.

- "Masters of Russian Animation Volume 9: Women Directors Collection:" Included in this great compilation are directors Yelena Gavrilko, Ideya Garanina, Natasha Golovanova, Nina Shorina and Yelena Feodorova.

Other notable animators and directors available in the AWN Store include: Alison Snowden, Caroline Leaf, Emily Hubley, Erica Russell, Jane Aaron, Joanna Priestly, Juliet Stroud, Lotte Reiniger, Nicole Van Goethem, Susan Young and Wendy Tilby.

Don't see who you are looking for? Then go to AWN Store and type in the name or title under "Quick Find."