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Store Specials: Vilppu Video , Belgian Compilation, Plympton Poster

- FIGURE CONSTRUCTION, a brand new Vilppu video Prestigious life drawing instructor Glenn Vilppu is offering a new video

tape of his classes. Vilppu said: "Figure Construction is a class room

demonstration of basic figure construction. This tape, I feel, is one of

the best examples that I have done so far on basic construction." His

material is being used worldwide in courses for animation students. The

Figure Construction video is available for $24.94 plus s/h. The Vilppu

catalog includes his Drawing Manual and Sketch Book, as well as 25 video

tapes of his classes, such as anatomy and animal drawing lectures,

demonstrations, exercises and specialized subjects.

Read Vilppu's "how to" instructional series, published exclusively in

Animation World Magazine every other month. This is really a treat!

- "PIC PIC ANDRE," a new Folioscope video The outrageous duo of Pic Pic André and the Magic Pig have the amusing

characteristic of being...Belgian. Stéphane Aubier and Vincent Patar, those

other distant cousins of Tex Avery, cultivate nonsense with relentless

determination. It's impossible to describe a Pic Pic short film: they're

all over the place, completely out to lunch and they keep the gags coming

twenty-four times a second, so you have been warned! The 65-minute video

includes: "Pic Pic André Shoow The First;" "Babyroussa The Babyroussa;"

"Pic Pic André Shoow The Second;" "Les Baltus Au Cirque;" "Pic Pic André

Shoow 4 Moins 1;" and "L'ours, La Femme Et Le Chasseur." Available in

French language version, PAL (European) format only, for $16.00 plus s/h.

The Folioscope catalog includes a rare selection of videos, featuring

pioneer Belgian animator Raoul Servais ("Harpya"); the famous "Pat & Mat"

Czech puppets; La Cambre School films; a Best of the Brussels Cartoon and

Animated Film Festival; and more.


The 18" by 25" signed poster

is available for $10.00 plus s/h. "Mutant Aliens," the storyboard for

Bill's next feature -- where an American astronaut is forced to live

forever in space -- will be available next in the AWN Store for only

$10.95, plus s/h.