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Store Specials: Short Animations By Larry Jordan, Hey Good Lookin', Cartoongate!

Facets Video's fantastic animation inventory has been added to the

AWN Store! Over 3,000 new videos available worldwide! From popular

Disney titles and the Peanuts to surrealist animation from Eastern

Europe, from action-packed Japanese anime to animation created with

paper cutouts, sand, clay, puppets and computer technology, the

Facets Whole Toon Catalog is now available in the AWN Store. Betty

Boop, Fritz the Cat, Tex Avery, Looney Tunes Classics and more

animation treasures from around the world, from the silent era to the

present have also been added! Here are a few examples of what you can

now find in the AWN Store:

- Short

Animations by Larry Jordan: Here are a few of your favorite

Larry Jordan shorts all on one video. This hour-long video includes

"Duo Concertantes," "Patricia Gives Birth to a Dream by the Doorway,"

"Gymnopedies," "Our Lady of the Spheres," "Moonlight Sonata," "Once

Upon a Time," "Carabosse" and "Masquerade."

- Hey

Good Lookin': Directed by Ralph Bakshi, this cartoon takes an

affectionate look at coming of age during the Eisenhower Era in

Brooklyn, and is sort of an animated "Happy Days" done in Bakshi's

distinct style and set against live-action New York City backdrops.

Vinnie, the leader of the Stompers, his girl Roz who adores him, and

Crazy Shapiro are just a few characters you'll meet during this fine

hour and a half long video.

- Cartoongate!:

Take a look at the history of politically themed

cartoons. Included on this hour long video are "Cartoongate!" (Greg

Ford, 1996), "Hell-Bent for Election" (Chuck Jones), "Eisenhower

Spots" (1952-1956), "No Substitute" (Russell Calabrese 1996), "A

Political Cartoon" (Joe Adamson, 1974), "Popeye for President"

(Famous Studios, 1956), "Jimmy Who?" (1975), "Reaganocchio" (Ken

Kimmelman, 1984), "Now Is The Time For All Good Men" (1960) and

"Political Basketball" (Greg Ford, 1992).