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Store Specials: New Chinese Animation Videos

Chinese Animation Volumes 1 & 2 are now available to add to your

library of international animation. These two 80-minute volumes

include traditional cell animation and puppets, shown in their highly

original techniques of cut-paper, folded paper and brush painting by

some of Shanghai's famous animators. Witness some of the animated

shorts created in the last 50 years that have delighted both children

and adults in China and throughout the world. Te Wei, Qian Jiajun, Yu

Zhenguang, Hu Jinqing, A Da, and Wang Shuchen are a few animators

included on these two volumes; each priced at $29.95 plus s/h.

- Chinese

Animation Volume 1 includes shorts: "Where is Mama," "A

Clever Duckling," "One Night in an Art Gallery," "Three Monks,"

"Monkeys Fish The Moon" and "Buffalo Boy and the Flute."

- Chinese

Animation Volume 2 includes shorts: "Snipe-Clam Grapple,"

"Wanderings of San Mao," "36 Characters," "Selecting Beauty," "Mantis

Stalks Cicada," "Fishdish," "Feeling from Mountain and Water," "Deer

and Bull," "Cat and Rat" and "Snow Fox."