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Store Specials - Latest Copies of Yuri Nortsein's prints.

These limited edition autographed prints from Yuri Norstein's "Tales ofTales" and "Hedgehog in the Fog," made in Russia from the drawings Norsteinused to develop his characters, are hand signed by Norstein. Most of theproceeds from sales will go to help finance the ongoing production of"Overcoat," Yuri Norstein's famous work in progress, which he began aftercompleting "Tale of Tales" in 1978, and is based on a famous story byNikolai Gogol. This is a very limited offer, with the print value at$100.00. Only 15 copies of each print was made, and now only ONE of eachremains! Don't miss out!

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Also available in the AWN store, an extraordinary collection of Russia'smost important animated short films, with films by Russia's world renowneddirectors, winners of the top prizes at every major film and animationfestival. This collection includes seven individual tapes, or in 3- or 7-tape packages.

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