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Store Specials: Get Your World War II History Lesson And Some Laughs

- PRIVATE S.N.A.F.U. VOL. 1: Private Snafu was a character created by Warner Bros. during WWII for the Army-Navy Screen Magazine. These cartoons were shown only to servicemen, and were intended to convey serious messages behind the typical Warner humor. The shorts are even letterboxed, with director and release credits. Featured titles: "Coming! Snafu!," "Gripes," "Spies," "The Goldbrick," "The Infantry Blues," "Fighting Tools," "The Home Front," "Rumors," "Booby Traps," "Snafuperman," "Snafu vs. Malaria Mike," "A Lecture On Camouflage" and "Gas And Going Home."

- PRIVATE S.N.A.F.U. VOL. 2: The second volume of the set contains the balance of the Warner Bros. S.N.A.F.U. shorts as well as two from UPA and one rarity from Harman-Ising. Featured titles: "The Chow Hound," "Censored," "Outpost," "Payday," "Target Snafu," "A Few Quick Facts: Inflation," "Three Brothers," "In The Aleutians," "A Few Quick Facts: Fear," "It's Murder She Says," "Hot Spot, Operation Snafu," "No Buddy Atoll" and "Private Snafu Presents Seaman Tarfu."

- CARTOONS FOR BIG KIDS: Leonard Maltin introduces some classic

cartoon shorts with "adult" themes. Four included titles: "King Size Canary," "The Great Piggy Bank Robbery," "The Big Snooze" and "Red Hot Riding Hood."

- CARTOON MADNESS: The Fantastic Max Fleischer Cartoons: Another

Leonard Maltin narration takes a retrospective look at Fleischer animation, covering the spectrum and providing rare, behind-the-scenes footage of the 3-D tabletop system and new Florida studio. Eight complete cartoons: "She Reminds Me Of You," "Koko's Earth Control," "Bimbo's Initiation," "Snow White," "Poor Cinderella," "Dancing On The Moon," "Raggedy Ann & Andy" and "Betty Boop's May Party."