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Store Specials: The Facets Whole Toon Catalog

From popular Disney titles and the Peanuts to surrealist animation

from Eastern Europe, from action-packed Japanese anime to animation

created with paper cutouts, sand, clay, puppets and computer

technology, the Facets Whole Toon Catalog is now available in the AWN

Store. Betty Boop, Fritz the Cat, Tex Avery, Looney Tunes Classics

and more animation treasures from around the world, from the silent

era to the present have also been added! Here are a few examples of

what you can now find in the AWN Store:

- Aardman's

Wallace & Gromit:: Nick Park's charming animation brings to life the comically

pedestrian Englishman Wallace and his dog Gromit.

- a href="'>Peanuts

Classics: Your favorite classics with Charlie Brown and the rest of gang are

also available! Timeless favorites like "It's The Great Pumpkin,

Charlie Brown," "Race For Your Life," "Bon Voyage Charlie Brown" and

many more.

- a href="'>Spike

& Mike's Festival of Animation and Sick & Twisted Collections: Spike & Mike's Festival of Animation and Sick & Twisted Festival of

Animation collections showcase the top independent animated shorts by

some of the best contemporary animators in the field.