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Store Specials: An English Insert For Folimage Catalog And The Best Of Zagreb

Folioscope's catalog, "L'Equipée de Folimage Studio de Films

d'Animation," now includes an English insert for non-French speakers!

The catalog is a companion for the exhibition on Folimage, the

creators of the 1999 Cartoon d'Or winner, "L'Enfant Au Grelot"

(Charlie's Christmas), among other award winning productions. The

Folimage exhibition will be presented at the Annecy Museum, Annecy

France, June 3-October 31, 2000.


107-page book is available for $13.50.

All five volumes of The Best of Zagreb Film are now available

worldwide in VHS PAL and VHS NTSC. These one-hour tapes include the

best-animated films from this world renowned animation studio and are

available for $24.95.


five-tape collection is available for $85.00.

- Rembrandt Film's Greatest Hits is now available in VHS PAL. Between

1959-1970, Rembrandt Films produced more than 50 cartoons, including

Tom and Jerry for MGM/UA and Popeye for King Features.


selection of Rembrandt Film's greatest hits is available for $21.00.