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Store Specials: Brussels 2000 Cartoon and Animated Film Festival Catalogue

The 72-page festival catalog provides information in three languages

(French, Dutch, English) on all exhibitions, making of presentations,

retrospectives, biographies of festival guests, as well as technical,

production, story summary and distribution data on films. Available for

$6.00 plus s/h. The

Folioscope product

line includes a rare selection of videos, featuring pioneer Belgian

animator Raoul Servais ("Harpya"); the famous "Pat & Mat" Czech puppets;

La Cambre School films; a Best of the Brussels Festival; and more.

The 19th Brussels Cartoon and Animated Film Festival started on Monday,

Febraury 28, 2000 and will run until March 11, 2000. In addition to the

official selection, the festival presents six international programs of

short films, two international programs of student films, two programs of

Belgian films, and a variety of retrospectives, tributes and exhibitions.

The festival is also hosting Anima 2000, a 4-day industry event with

various conferences, screenings and panel discussions. For more

information, contact the festival: Tel.: ++ (32 2) 534.41.25; Fax:

++ (32 2) 534.22.79; or E-mail:, or visit: