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Store Specials: Best Of The 1999 Brussels Animated Film & Cartoon Festival

Now available in the AWN Store - Best Of The 1999 Brussels Animated Film & Cartoon Festival...

The Brussels Festival collection offers a selection of the best ininternational animation. The Best Of '99 edition is now available, with tenfilms selected for their creativity, as well as imaginative, poetic andironic qualities. The one-hour compilation includes: "A Viagem," ChristianBoustani; "Un Jour," Marie Paccou; "La Sagra," Roberto Catani; "Huset PaKampen," Pjotr Sapegin; "Tightrope," Daniel Robichaud; "Futter," CarstenStrauch; "La Bouche Cousue," Jean-Luc Greco; "When The Stars CameDreaming," Jean G. Poulot; "Bird Becomes Bird," Lucy Lee; and "JollyRoger," Mark Baker. This video is available worldwide, in VHS PAL formatonly, for $24.00 plus s/h.

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