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Store Specials: Aeon Flux, Animaniacs And A Blue Girl Series Videos

Facets Video's fantastic animation inventory has been added to the

AWN Store! Over 3,000 new videos available worldwide! From popular

Disney titles and the Peanuts to surrealist animation from Eastern

Europe, from action-packed Japanese anime to animation created with

paper cutouts, sand, clay, puppets and computer technology, the

Facets Whole Toon Catalog is now available in the AWN Store. Betty

Boop, Fritz the Cat, Tex Avery, Looney Tunes Classics and more

animation treasures from around the world, from the silent era to the

present have also been added! Here are a few examples of what you can

now find in the AWN Store:


FLUX: Check out Peter Chung's stylish and haunting MTV

animated series, "Aeon Flux." Witness stories about strange, illicit

trades in an amnesia drug extracted from alien Nargyles and

engineered viruses that cause insanity. Find out more about this

bizarre and highly stylized animated series.


See all your favorite wacky and zany animaniac

characters. Pinky and the Brain, Mindy, Buttons, Slappy, Skippy

Squirrel, Dr. Scratchnsniff and many more will offer hours of wild

and crazy antics for your viewing pleasure.

- LA

BLUE GIRL SERIES: Meet and witness the many adventures of Miko

Mido, an 18-year-old ninja trainee, who is suddenly entrusted with

the family business. Watch her as she uses her ninja skills and

strength to defeat a legion of body hungry demons.