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Store Special: Raoul Servais' book & video honoring his gallery opening on AWN

Raoul Servais' book & video, in honor of his gallery opening on AWN.

- Book: "Raoul Servais, A Painter-Filmmaker's Journey." Written by PhilippeMoins, this first monograph of Raoul Servais describes the making of hisfilms, his first activities as a painter and illustrator, his co-operationwith Magritte, his teaching years and his various artistic collaborations,but it mainly presents a critical analysis of his work. It ends with a textwritten by Jan Temmerman on the relationship between Servais and the cityof Ghent, as well as Servais' entire filmography.

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- The video "Raoul Servais' Animation Collection" includes: "Chromophobia,""Sirene," "Goldframe," "To Speak Or Not To Speak," "Operation X-70,""Pegasus," "Harpya" and a 3-minute excerpt from "Taxandria." Released in1996, it was the first time that the works of Raoul Servais were availableon video. Some of them were specially restored for the occasion. This videois available in VHS PAL (European) format only. US$ 24.00 + s&h. AnotherAWN Store Exclusive.

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