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Still a Chance to Catch & Participate BrainCamp West

BrainCamp is an intimate gathering for professionals in the childrens entertainment industry. The event allows pros to a chance to sit down and discuss whats going in the industry and make contacts with players in all areas of the childrens entertainment.

The confirmed speakers include:

Tyler Barnes, vp, marketing - The Harlem GlobetrottersMichael Fletcher, president, Sorpresa TVChristy Glaubke, principal associate, children & media program - Children NowScott Greenberg, coo - Film RomanJohn Hardman, former svp, programming - Kids' WB!Larry Harmon, creator of and TV's Original BozoLeib Ostrow, ceo, Music for Little PeopleEmily Smith, editor-in-chief and director of product

The event is still looking for shwag to hand out. Shwag can be toys, books, videos, CDs, hats, shirts, squeeze bulbs, dolls, umbrellas, magazines, flashlights, etc. If you have "Stuff" you would like to share, call (212) 545-9559 or e-mail

BrainCamp West will be held Oct. 21 and 22 at the Radisson Huntley hotel in Santa Monica. To register or for more information, call (212) 545-9559 or visit

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