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Sticky Pictures Presents Monsters Auditions on SBS Australia

Australian prod company Sticky Pictures has completed production on a new animated series of adult comedy shorts for SBS Australia entitled MONSTER AUDITIONS (10 x 1).

The series premieres on SBS TV Saturday April 4 at 8:28 p.m. Created by Sticky's Stu Connolly and designer Suren Perera, MONSTER AUDITIONS is short monologues of monsters who are visiting a life coach. The monsters are classic B-grade movie fare, but their surrounds are the streets and buildings of urban Australia. Animated with 2D characters against photographic backgrounds, the series is visually rich with a quirky naturalistic style.

Sticky Pictures Exec Producer Donna Andrews said, "MONSTER AUDITIONS is similar to a mockumentary; our Monsters talk about life's daily obstacles and frustrations, all from a very human perspective. We can completely relate to their stories, despite the fact that they may look a little different to us. It's brilliantly simple, quirky and visually a treat."

Perera is the award-winning director of MORNING STAR produced for the Dust Echoes initiative. Suren & writer Stu Connolly previously collaborated on the award winning DIRK BREAKA short film.

MONSTER AUDITIONS was made possible by a funding initiative between SBS and Screen Australia to promote the extraordinary talent of animation filmmakers in Australia. It will be distributed worldwide by SBS International. The series will screen on SBS TV and SBS online.