Steve Jobs Lays Out Pixar Plans

On Nov. 11, 2004, in an investor conference call, Pixar ceo Steve Jobs laid out the companys potential plans for the future. One of the major revelations was that Pixar will not be releasing a film in 2006. The companys first non-Disney film, rumored to be RATATOUILLE, will not hits theaters until 2007.

In additional theatrical news, the studio will move toward releasing its films in the summer instead of the holiday seasons. This decision was made when the box office receipts for the summer-released FINDING NEMO were compared to the fall-released MONSTERS, INC.ted to kids being off from school. In addition, this would allow Pixar to release films in the summer in theaters and then have the home entertainment products ready for that holiday season. Jobs did not say whether this change would start with 2005s CARS or not.

Jobs didnt have any news about its new distribution partner, but did confirm that Pixar is no longer in talks with Disney. He said Pixar is "getting to know some of the other studios, but we're not in negotiations with any of them." He added that a decision probably would be announced until the end of 2005.

The studio announced stellar quarter of earnings, helped by the continued strong home entertainment earnings for NEMO. The company reported $44.5 million in revenue in the third quarter, up 47% from a year ago, and net income of $22.4 million, a 77% increase.

Pixar predicts it will post diluted earnings per share of between $2.10 and $2.20 in 2004, created by the fourth-quarter box office of THE INCREDIBLES, which earned more tha $70 million in its opening weekend.

The companys stock rose by $3.53, or more than 4%, to $83.47 in morning trade, after hitting $85.99, the highest level in its nine years as a public company.

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