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Steamboy Flies Onto DVD

Katsuhiro Otomos STEAMBOY has now arrived on DVD from Columbia TriStar Home Ent. This original directors cut of the film is available in both a single disk edition ($26.96) and a special gift set ($49.95). The first feature Katsuhiro Otomo has written and directed since his watershed AKIRA (1988), STEAMBOY offers a fantastic, sepia-toned vision of the past-as-future. In place of the dystopic Neo-Tokyo of AKIRA, STEAMBOY is set in England in 1866. Young Ray Steam receives a Steam Ball, a mysterious, powerful device, from his inventor grandfather. Governments and businesses covet the Steam Ball and Ray finds himself in a murderous conflict over its possession. He's also caught between his father, who builds terrible weapons for an American arms merchant, and his grandfather, who believes science should improve people's lives.

Both releases offer English, Spanish, French and Portuguese subtitles with Japanese and English dubbed version in Dolby Digital 5.1 and the French, Spanish and Portuguese language versions in Dolby Digital 2.0. The single disk edition also includes "Re-Voicing STEAMBOY" Featurette, an interview with Otomo, multi-screen landscape study, ending montage, production drawings and animation onion skins. The gift set includes all the features of the single disk as well as 10 STEAMBOY collectible postcards, 22-page manga and a 166-page booklet containing character designs, mecha designs and selected storyboard sequences.

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