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STARSHIP TROOPERS falls behind schedule

Sony Pictures Family Entertainment's ROUGHNECKS: STARSHIP TROOPERS hasfallen behind schedule. Although the show is currently in syndication byBKN (Bohbot Kids Network), only nine out of forty episodes have beencompleted and several episodes have already been repeated with many morerepeats expected. Burbank, California-based Flat Earth Productions optedout of its fifteen episode production contract after completing only threeepisodes because they felt the schedule with the budget was overlyambitious. Valencia, California-based Foundation Imaging remains as one ofthe original production companies, and Sony has also contracted Phoenix,Arizona-based Rainbow Studios and Glendale, California-based Hyperimage tohelp with the project. Although the human characters on the show areanimated using time-saving motion-capture technology, the bugs, robots,vehicles, and environments are all created with CGI, and the process isproving to be a difficult match for a budget-limited television show.Historically, science fiction television shows have been prone to problemscaused by schedule demands and budget restrictions. For example, theproducers of the original STAR TREK series struggled throughout its threeseasons to deliver episodes on time. Because of its ambitious nature andanticipated high quality, there was a good buzz for ROUGHNECKS: STARSHIPTROOPERS among fans, and new episodes are eagerly awaited.