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Stardust Embarks On a Mission for Baylor University

Stardust partners with Proof Advertising to create a short film for Baylor University from archival footage treated with layers of graphic textures, paralax effects, shot elements (like fire and lens flairs) and hand-drawn illustrations.


Santa Monica, CA & New York -- Bicoastal integrated production and design firmStardust partnered with Proof Advertising to create a rich and complex journey through the history of Baylor University’s great discoveries and achievements. The short film -- largely constructed from stock footage from the Baylor Vaults -- is treated through layers of graphic textures, paralax effects, shot elements (like fire and lens flares) and hand-drawn illustrations to elicit an archeological experiment in the visual medium. The result is an emotional exploration into some great moments and achievements across the spectrum; including sports, science, and spirituality. 

“This film for Baylor University is an innovative project,” explains Stardust Creative Director/Co-Owner Seth Epstein, “in that we were asked to work with every kind of image you can imagine -- from stills, to archival footage to footage shot on RED. We wanted to create an integrated, seamless and emotional piece. To do that, we wanted the piece to feel human and have the feel of a physical touch versus being digital or cold. We also filmed light, dust, and type elements in our studio, which we then blended into the footage and gave it a magical quality. Now, with all of the technology we use to create pieces, it’s important to mix analog techniques in to achieve looks that can't be accomplished any other way.”

Stardust Art Director Angela Ko adds that the concepts of “Missions” that Proof Advertising brought to the Stardust creative team for the Baylor project was “inspiring to our creative process in so many ways.” She continues: “Our goal was to create a cinematic narrative to complement the writing and principles of Baylor University, which carries so much humanity and heart. We approached this piece in a way that a Curator would curate an art exhibition -- where there is one overall concept and theme, but a range of different pieces composed using different mediums. We wanted to re-contextualize the library of images and footage that was provided by Baylor and sew it together to create one grand picture. Working on this project has brought renewed insight and excitement about what purpose we have as individuals. We hope this piece will have the same impact on the person who watches it.”

Source: Stardust

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