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Star Wars Coming to London Stage

BBC NEWS is reporting that STAR WARS: A MUSICAL JOURNEY will debut in London in April, then tour Europe.

The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra will play a live score as excerpt from the six films are shown onscreen. The show was put together by Lucasfilm and composer John Williams. It will not have actors playing characters, but will feature live narrators.

The six films in the STAR WARS saga have been edited down to two hours and Williams has "painstakingly rewritten" the music he wrote, said a statement from Lucasfilm.

The Philharmonic will utilize an 86-piece orchestra and an accompanying exhibition will have original models, props, costumes and production artwork.

London's O2 Arena will host the London premiere. David Campbell, CEO of AEG Europe, which runs the arena, said, "STAR WARS holds memories for practically everyone. John Williams is THE composer of our times, and fans will be thrilled to know that both he and Lucasfilm have contributed fully to this new production. To have the premiere at the O2 is a real coup for us, and I know there will be a lot of very happy STAR WARS fans out there when they hear the news."

Tickets will go on sale Monday, costing between GBP 30 and GBP 100. The show is set to premiere April 10.