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Star TV Jumps Into Interactive Game Shows

Continuing its expansion into the European market, Isreal-based media company Pyramedia has sold its Media Interactive Technology (MIT) system to Swiss broadcaster Star TV. This is another big sale for Pyramedia, which recently sold its MIT software to Nickelodeon U.K. In addition to the MIT system, Star TV acquired Pyramedia's animated interactive game show ELY AND LILLY, which is scheduled to broadcast in German beginning December 21, 2002 on Star TV's weekend kids' line-up. Using a touch-tone telephone, viewers can play along with the animated alien hosts of the game show and the MIT system provides instantaneous viewer response. ELY AND LILLY marks the first in a series of interactive formats scheduled to air on Star TV. The network plans to launch new interactive television programs based on the MIT platform for the youth, family and adult markets in early 2003. The new programs will include Pyramedias 30 SQUARE, an innovative live interactive quiz game and HIT THE CLIP, a musical format. Paul Grau, CEO of Star TV, expressed his excitement about this revolutionary new application in interactive TV entertainment: "Star TV has the strong will to always stay on top of the technological evolution of television in Switzerland, and the co-operation with Pyramedia is an important element of this strategy." Headquartered in Israel with offices in London and Zurich, Pyramedia produces and distributes interactive game show formats and specializes in the development and production of interactive technology.