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Star Cave Studios Leads Irish Invasion At GDC

Leading Irish game developer, Star Cave Studios Ltd. is heading to GDC to showoff their portfolio of games. Among the products Star Cave Studio is bringing is a AAA online & multiplayer atmospheric, combined FPS shooter and RTS game named TERRA : FORMATIONS, which is in development for PC and scheduled to appear on leading next generation game consoles.

In TERRA : FORMATIONS, players take control of a marine on a mission to stop an alien race from taking over the galaxy. The game is available at GDC by appointment only.

Star Cave Studio will also invade GDC with ILLUMINA, which is described as an online multiplayer semi-tactical first person shooter (FPS) set in the year of 2046. The title is in development and is available in a playable BETA version featuring LAN and multiplayer functionality. A single player feature is scheduled to be implemented prior to retail release, and a version for Apple Mac is also on the agenda. In addition to this, Star Cave Studios is working on a number of undisclosed features. The tile is only available at GDC by appointment.

Finally, Star Cave is bringing along CAMELOT GALWAY - CITY OF THE TRIBES, a fantasy computer game and interactive educational adventure based on a medieval 17th century map of Galway city in Ireland. In the game, players are not only immersed in an interactive tour while learning about some of the most recognized Irish myths and folklore, but also learning the basics of the Irish language. CAMELOT GALWAY is Star Cave Studios first launch title and will be available in retail soon.

Star Cave Studios Ltd. is a relatively new game developer founded in 2004 by industry veteran Keith Killilea. It recently acquired Cellien Studios, based in Austin, Texas, and Single Cell Games, based in Australia. Star Cave Studios is seeking global distribution and publishing partners. For more information, visit

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