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Stan Winston Delves Into CG

With the demand for CGI growing, animatronics special effects wizard Stan Winston has launched a CGI division as part of his Stan Winston Prods, reports VARIETY. Entitled SW Digital, the new Van Nuys, California-based firm will start by offering digital effects services to mid-to-low budget projects. SW Digital will start hiring new staff as projects warrant it. This move adds to the in-house power Winston has to produce his own films. Stan Winston Prods recently produced this summers horror flick WRONG TURN, along with New Regency Prods., Summit Entertainment and Constantin Films. Winston also co-produced the Cinemax and HBO "Creature Features" series, which were updated versions of five classic 1950s horror and sci-fi movies.

Winston said, "Most of what we historically have done now has a digital component to it, so it made sense to create SW Digital. We will continue to collaborate with visual effects studios we've worked with in the past. But now clients also have a choice of solutions from makeup effects, animatronics, puppet effects and digital effects available to them independently or combined under the same roof. We look forward to the collaboration between departments at the studio. When we formed the production company five years ago, we had to start thinking about how to service our own projects and how to deliver the same quality within a tighter budget. By integrating computer graphics, we've streamlined our creative and technical processes, and now we can make the smallest productions look like the biggest, making us accessible to creative filmmakers with great ideas, regardless of their fiscal limitations

Winston is best known for his Oscar-winning animatronic creatures and makeup effects for such films as the three TERMINATOR and JURASSIC PARK installments, A.I. ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE, ALIENS, EDWARD SCISSORHANDS, BATMAN RETURNS, CONGO, INTERVIEW WITH THE VAMPIRE and THE PREDATOR. Winston also co-founded visual effects studio Digital Domain.

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