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SPX Comics Festival and Anthology

SPX Comics Festival and Anthology, Bethesda, Maryland

Friday, September 6, 2002 Sunday, September 8, 2002

Entry Deadline: Monday, April 15, 2002

Annually, more than 50 cartoonists from around the world contribute to the SPX anthology, the book companion to the annual SPX comics festival in Bethesda, Maryland. The book features over 300 pages of cutting-edge comics by some of the top creators in alternative comics and the small press. Past contributors have included Frank Cho (LIBERTY MEADOWS), Daniel Clowes (EIGHTBALL, GHOST WORLD) and Art Spiegelman (MAUS, LITTLE LIT). The theme for SPX 2002 is biographical comics. The stories should be about real people that are in some way famous or interesting. For complete details, go to For further questions regarding submissions, contact Tom Devlin at