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Spumco web chat in 3D!

Spumco, the studio that brought us the first web cartoon series, The G@*&!$ George Liquor Show, has teamed up with Electric Communities to present the Internets first 3D cartoon chat event. The chat, scheduled to kick off at 5:30 p.m. on November 6, and run through November 9, 1998, will take place on the web site port 9994. In order to participate, users must have a pair of red and blue cellophane anaglyphic 3D glasses, a standard Windows or Mac PC with Internet access, and the Palace Visual Chat software from Electric Communities, available for free download from the web site Users who manage to get into the chat will experience a 3D VRML world in which they can dress Spumco characters, play sounds and interact with other users.

For more information, visit Spumco's Chat Palace.