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Spontaneous Combustion Squirts Out Spots For Tropicana

Spontaneous Combustion has created the visual effects for both a 15-second and 30-second spot for Tropicana Pure Premium Grovestand. The spots feature a woman pealing an orange that bursts forth with gallons of juice. Spontaneous Combustion's director of visual effects/senior inferno* artist David A. Elkins said, "Our client wanted the footage to look wetter and juicier to convey just how tasty the product is. In keeping with Tropicana's packaging, we created a clean white background for the shots that were lensed against blue screen. When the fleshy orange is being ripped apart, the juice really needs to explode. The spray has to look realistic. So, we added highlights to its orange color and graded down the white so that you can see things moving on top of it. We composited in some pre-shot elements of drips and mist, but we also built some on our own to place within and around the footage so that it looks like the orange is bursting with liquid and the carton is super moist. We also needed to make sure the edges of all of the elements were smooth. It was a little difficult because we were dealing with soft and hard edges of the fruit and a person's hand." In addition, they added blur lines to enhance the live-action and give some of the shots the feeling of added motion. The Spontaneous team included executive creative director Tony Robins, managing director Roe Bressan, director of visual effects/senior inferno* artist David A. Elkins, assistant inferno* artist Greg Lewis, executive producer/ producer Simone Pillinger and assistant producer Valerie J. McAndrews.

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