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Spontaneous Combustion Ideal For Estee Lauder

Spontaneous Combustion has designed, directed, produced and edited a 30-second spot for Estee Lauders new skin refinisher, Idealist. The commercial started with a wire-rail globe spinning and changing into a square, triangle and back to a sphere then finally revealing the new laser technology from Estee Lauder. Executive creative director and director of the spot, Tony Robins said, "We decided to work off of the key copy line, You cant change the world, but now you can change your skin. We wanted to keep the graphics as pure and clean as possible to reflect the benefits of using the product. Rather than utilizing a traditional morphing technique, we were able to create a smoother and more interesting transition with the deconstruction and reconstruction of the wire frame design. Placing the product within the globe also served to tie the concepts together."

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