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Spontaneous Combustion Animates T.J. MAXX

Digital studio Spontaneous Combustion has created the title design and end logo animation for a pool of 30-second spots, with 15-second lifts, for T.J. MAXXs Maxximum Stories campaign, which rolled out nationwide on March 18, 2001. The ads, tagged You should go, show women talking about why they love T.J. MAXX. According to design director Dana Yee, "Because the tag is You should go, we wanted to parlay a sense of motion with the typography. The double XX of the copy in each spot -- Maxximum Spring, Maxximum Logic, Maxximum Skill -- serves as the foundation for the graphics. We took them apart and used them for the formation of bold, graphic arrows, which complement the spots. Elements from the arrows leave lines in their paths as they move to form the XX in T.J. MAXX." Spontaneous used Photoshop, Illustrator and flame to do the typography and graphics. The Spontaneous creative team included Yee, flame artist Claudia D'enjoy, executive producer Sally Kapsalis, senior producer Simone Pillinger and managing director Roe Bressan. Visit the Spontaneous Website at

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