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Splutterfish Releases Brazil Rendering System

3D software solutions provider SplutterFish has released its Brazil Rendering System v1.0 (Brazil r/s), a fully-integrated rendering suite for Discreet's 3ds max and Autodesk VIZ. Designed as a powerful, flexible and affordable high-end commercial solution for film, broadcast and cross-visualization applications, the Brazil r/s feature set includes: camera and film effects; motion blur; depth of field/bokeh lens simulation; sophisticated filtering, anti-aliasing; highly-evolved illumination and shading models including super-fast raytracing; over-the-top photon mapping/caustics; task-specific accelerators and shaders; global illumination; non-photoreal capabilities; and support for all the standard artistic "fakes." Brazil r/s also handles 3ds max scene files natively and is compatible with out-of-the-box and third-party 3ds max plugins. According to SplutterFish, during its extensive beta testing program, digital content creatives gave Brazil r/s high marks for its comprehensive feature-set and highly-evolved global illumination and ray-tracing engine. "We have been using Brazil since early alpha in a demo capacity and later in the form of the purchased beta," stated Damian Stocks, CG director of Eye Candy, an Australian animation studio. "Its ease-of-use is complemented by a rich feature set that is flexible enough to make the simplest renders look stunning, but also produces highly complex photo-realistic imagery and animations." Brazil r/s fully integrates with Discreet's 3ds max 3, 3ds max 4, 3ds max 5 animation software, and Autodesk's visualization software, VIZ. Brazil r/s v1.0 is available to both individual artists ($1200) and production facilities ($750). For more information visit the SplutterFish Website at