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SplutterFish Announces Brazil r/s V2 Pre-Release

SplutterFish, maker of the award-winning Brazil Rendering System for 3ds Max, announced the immediate pre-release availability of Brazil r/s V2, the highly anticipated successor to their high-end 3D rendering package. This pre-release version is feature-complete, production tested and late-stage beta.

Brazil r/s is a complete 3D rendering toolkit designed to fit the needs of every computer graphics artist. Whether new to Brazil r/s or not, artists can now experience the ultimate level of flexibility, reliability, control and performance in rendering. Seamless integration into 3ds Max, including complete third party plug-in support, allows the artists to use the tools they are already familiar with, making the switch to Brazil r/s an easy transition.

Some of Brazil r/s V2's newest features include: 3D motion blur, render time displacements, irradiance caching, render-to-texture and many more tools and enhancements. Under the hood, there is new sophisticated memory management, data caching, and other system improvements that make Brazil r/s V2 able to handle just about anything you can throw at it -- all with incredible speed increases that simply blow away the competition.

"Brazil r/s V2 is the culmination of a conscientious system-level redesign that focuses on the long term vision of Brazil r/s and rendering technology in general," said Scott Kirvan, ceo of SplutterFish. "We retooled our development processes and deployment infrastructure, and partnered with third party integrators to develop a versatile, cross-platform rendering API. Intensive beta testing has confirmed that our strategy was sound, enabling us to quickly add stable, new features system-wide. We now expect explosive growth going forward and our new licensing options will facilitate more frequent updates as we add exciting new features for Brazil r/s artists."

In the CG marketplace, it can be difficult to differentiate between renderers. Some lack important tools, are too complex to use naturally or they are simply unstable and difficult to control. Many try to boast speed while compromising image quality, compatibility and predictability. Brazil r/s is designed to higher standards. It has always been developed and beta tested in real production environments, being sensitive to the needs of real, working artists. In fact, Brazil r/s V2 already boasts several high-profile projects, including the recent blockbuster, SUPERMAN RETURNS.

SplutterFish introduces Basic and Professional Editions of Brazil r/s to better address the diverse licensing needs of studios large and small, renderfarms and everyone from hobbyists to serious rendering professionals. The Basic Edition starts at $795 and the Professional Edition starts at $995.

In 2000, SplutterFish ( rocked the CG world with the launch of its fully-integrated renderer, Brazil r/s (codenamed Ghost), breaking barriers and bringing production-viable, high-end GI and raytracing to the desktop. Since then Brazil r/s has become the gold standard for production rendering in 3ds Max. Brazil r/s is well known for its comprehensive, flexible and controllable toolset, unparalleled reliability and uncompromising image quality.