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SplutterFish Announces Brazil Rendering System v2

SplutterFish has launched Brazil r/s version 2.0. Brazil r/s v2 provides fast speed and performance and offers a natural, accessible workflow. In addition, SplutterFish also announced the immediate availability of its first Professional-Edition beta version (2.1 Pro-Beta), which introduces even more new features, and is available exclusively to Brazil r/s v2 Professional Edition clients.

Striving to address the complex needs of its diverse customer base, SplutterFish put Brazil r/s v2 through extensive, large-scale, professional beta-testing and early pre-release sales. CG artists utilizing Brazil r/s on serious, real-world projects have helped drive its development, resulting in an incredibly powerful, comprehensive and reliable rendering toolkit. From core architecture to user interface, Brazil r/s v2 has undergone sweeping changes from v1. Artists that upgrade notice the changes immediately.

New features include: * New speed and performance improvements * 64-bit support for nearly infinite data handling * Reworked sampling core that supports combinations of features that previously killed rendertimes * Full 3D Motion Blur * Expanded Implicit Surface Support, including Rendertime Displacements * Polygonal Rendertime Displacements (Pro-Beta version only) * On-Demand Caching of Irradiance and Photon Illumination * Support for 3ds Max's Texture Baking * Numerous artist-inspired extras and Script Support

With this latest release, Brazil r/s v2 is entering a new phase. On the software side, core technical changes and constant input from new 2.1 Pro-Beta clients are enabling rapid development and more frequent releases of the most desired new features. At the same time, the new, community-supported, online Brazil r/s Materials Gallery and Brazil r/s Training Blog have recently joined the online SplutterFish Image Gallery, support forums and public support chat as the latest venues to bring Brazil r/s artists together.

The Basic Edition starts at $795 and the Professional Edition, which includes free updates for a year and other benefits, at just $995.

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