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Spittin' Stitch Says Aloha Thanks To Hasbro

Disney has partnered with Hasbro, Inc. to bring the popular characters from Disney's summer hit LILO & STITCH to stores. The unruly alien is captured in numerous ways including SPITTIN' STITCH with "real spitting action" created by holding him underwater to fill him up, then squeezing him, ELECTRONIC EXPERIMENT 626 STITCH has electronic features which allow Stitch to make laser sounds and speak "alien." And if you want to transform an alien into a pet, the 2-in-1 SWITCHIN' STITCH turns Stitch from outlaw alien experiment into a family pet. He's bilingual, and speaks alien in his uniform and English once he's transformed into a dog. There are a number of other toys featuring Lilo and Stitch in Hawaiian garb, Stitch as Elvis, and the alien scientists Jumbo and Pleakly. All Hasbro toys based on LILO & STITCH are now in stores.