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Spin VFX Wins BAFTA for 'Titanic'

Spin VFX wins BAFTA award for best visual effects in the Television Craft category for its work in the TV mini-series “Titanic.”

Toronto - Spin VFX announced the company’s win at the 2013 British Academy of Film and Television (BAFTA) Awards in the Visual Effects Television Craft category for its work in the TV mini-series Titanic, produced by Sienna Films and Mid-Atlantic Films for Global TV (Shaw Media) ABC and iTV.

Spin VFX offered congratulations and special thanks to director Jon Jones, Production VFX Supervisor Tom Turnbull, Showrunner Julian Fellowes, Producers Nigel Stafford-Clarke and Chris Thompson, Co-Producer Andrea Glinski, Post Supervisor Lynda McKenzie and Executive Producers Julia Sereny, Jennifer Kawaja, and Simon Vaughan.

"Titanic was an inspiring challenge. We had a tremendous amount of support from the whole Production team, which was key to achieving Jon's creative vision in rebirthing this momentous story," says Spin VFX President/Executive Producer, Neishaw Ali (The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn, Game of Thrones).


"We all set out to do justice to this historic event by ensuring the audience stay connected with the characters, always believing they were on the ship. It is extremely gratifying to have the work honored by a BAFTA. I am very proud of our crew for their hard work and amazing artistry. Of course, we thank Jon and Tom for their guidance, and trusting us with the star of the show," says VFX Supervisor Colin Davies (Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, All is Lost).

Spin worked with Turnbull to create the massive 3D HMS Titanic. The studio was charged with realizing the sinking of the ship and the CG water required for seamless integration.


Spin's VFX Team for Titanic included VFX Supervisor Colin Davies, Production Manager Carrie Richardson, Animation Supervisor Peter Giliberti, CG Artist Erin Nicholson, Lighter Irit Hod, Associate VFX Supervisor Eric Doiron, Compositing Supervisor Amy Daye, CG Supervisor Ahmed Shehata, Lighting Supervisor James Chretien, and FX Supervisor Tim Sibley.

Spin is currently in production on M. Night Shyamalan's sci-fi action adventure After Earth (Columbia Pictures), the third season of HBO's Game of Thrones, and Neil Jordan's The Borgias SIII (Showtime/CTV).

Source: Spin VFX

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