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Spike & Mike Invade Cannes

The Cannes Film Festival may never be the same. Mellow Manor Productions has announced that it will bring its "Spike and Mike Festival of Animation" to France for this year's event. Recently "Spike and Mike" had successful runs at American festivals Sundance and Austin's South by Southwest, but it is yet to be seen how the European audience will take to the in-your-face humor of the festival of twisted toons. Being billed as a combo of Mellow Manors' "Classic" and "Sick and Twisted" festivals, the toon line-up will screen on May 16, 2000 as part of the "Shortest Night," an evening of short films during International Critics Week. Mellow Manor's global bill will include the German BALANCE, the French produced AT THE ENDS OF THE EARTH, and American BUNNY and EMPTY ROLL. "It's time for the chickens to come home to roost," Craig "Spike" Decker told Daily Variety. "We have been pioneers for many years, and finally credit is being cast where it is long overdue."

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